OmniMed's Various Subsidiaries

As part of our vision of a one-stop healthcare service in Singapore, OmniMed Healthcare has the following subsidiaries to provide a seamless service which starts with patient-centred house call and home care.

OmniMed Housecall, HomeCare & CommCare

We have round the clock house call services.

We provide home medical services (review of chronic diseases; review of patient post-discharge from a healthcare facility; treat any acute diseases; handle end-of-life care issues etc including Advanced Care Planning).

We have the support of home nurses, mobile physiotherapist/speech and occupational therapists/dietitians. 

We are able to perform procedures (I&D of abscess, suturing of lacerations, wound dressing, catheterisation, NG tube insertion/repositioning, ear syringing, blood drawing, IV drip. IM injection).

We are able to do the functional assessment needed for grants approval – IDAP/Eldershield assessment, Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) grant, Pioneer Disability Assistance Scheme (PioneerDAS) etc as well as perform the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and issue the death certificate.

We are able to carry out blood, stool and/or urine investigations.

We are supported by a private ambulance service if there is a need for the patient to be transferred to a hospital for further management.

We have affiliated specialists in private hospitals who are able to take over the care of the patient on arrival to the hospital (seamless care, bypassing the A&E, direct admission).

We leverage on telemedicine to allow patients to contact us even when we are not able to be present physically with the patient.

OmniMed Medivac

We are able to do land or air medical evacuation (to and from overseas for local or overseas patients.

We are supported by private ambulance services as well as medical aircraft charters.

We are also supported by  experienced paramedics, ICU trained nurses and doctors or specialists well-versed in acute and emergency medicine to transport the patient as well as to take over the care of the patient when the patient is admitted to the hospitals.

OmniMed HealthScreen & CorpCare

We do mobile on-site health screening which ranges from
– pre-health screening information gathering done on-site or prior to our arrival
pre-screen health talk (by us or our affiliated specialists);
post-screen review (cohort level or individualised);
personalised health folder (which includes results and suggestions etc).

We have affiliated specialists to follow-up and investigate any abnormalities detected.

We organise health talks, seminars and workshops (either by ourselves or our affiliated specialists).