Post-op Care

I just had a knee replacement surgery and going to the hospital/nearby clinic was not easy for me. Hence, I engaged Dr Lai’s home care services. I knew Dr Lai as he was engaged to check on my aged mother. Dr Lai has been very professional in his work and caring. He came over on 4 occasions to check on my operated knee and gave me a lot of assurance and encouragement. He also messages me now and then to check how I was doing and advised me to update him on my condition. I felt I had someone to turn to whenever I needed medical advice and Dr Lai was always there be it for myself or my mother. He even consulted his bone specialist colleagues about my operated knee to give me information so that it will alleviate my anxieties.

I am grateful to Dr Lai for his medical attention and advice in my time of need.
Mrs Mohanpatient; post-knee surgery